After its release in 2007, the iPhone is what started the revolution of smartphones. There are other leading brands like Samsung, and Android, but the iPhone is the leading brand by far.


Apple started a lot of new things with the iPhone. They started a new way of comunnication with text and facetime. They started the camera on a phone.

Reasons to get the iPhone

  • Imessage and Facetime. These are good ways of communication created by Apple. It is by far the best of its kind.
  • Apps: App speed and production is much better on the iphone. This is because most apps are made for iPhones. Some apps, like GamePigeon, aren't even on Samsung and others. This is because iPhones are the main phone picked by everyone.

Reasons to get Samsung Galaxy

  • VR (Virtual Reality)system. The Samsung VR is a system made for Samsung Galaxy's. They have games that you can buy, and the world to explore.

  • Wireless Charging.Samsung has a mousepad looking thing that charges your Samsung up in about 30 minutes tops. You can take it with you anywhere and it will charge your phone all the way up.

  • The new Samsung Galaxy 8. We don't know much about it yet, but spoilers and speculators say that the new Samsung Galaxy would surpass the iPhones.