BDPA Cincinnati Chapter

Student Information Technology Education and Scholarship

Build HTML Web Page Calculator

Build A Visual Basic Airline Ticket Application

Build A Android Phone Application

Custom Web Site Development

Sites previously built by students

Sites built by previous Classes:
Live Fit 4 Life
Gaming Systems




Designer Clothes

Students will learn

  • Operation and theory of the Internet
  • Identify and understand Internet Components
  • Web development programming languages and tools
  • How web pages use graphics, animation, audio and video
  • How to layout and design web sites
  • Develop Custom Website

Microcontroller Projects

  • Learn Microcontrollers
  • Learn C++
  • Learn Automation Software
  • Build Robotic Projects

Stop Light Controller

Students Program Controller using C++

Sumo Robot Battle

This Zumo Robot will be programmed by BDPA High School Students to search and detect an adversary robot and push it out of the ring. The Arduino UNO microcontroller was programmed to guide the computer. May the best Robot win!

3D Printing

3D Printing is a form of Robotics. Using the output from a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, 3D Printers can produce 3 Dimension Objects. This technology will allow Astronauts produce spare parts on the Space Station and on Mars, once we have manned missions. They are used today to produce prostetics, architectural models, machine parts prototypes, scultures, toys and many other products. Students will be taught the theory of 3D printers and participate in an exercise where they will use an open source program called TinkerCad to produce content. The output of the CAD program will be sent to 3D printers to produce 3D objects.

3D Printing

The Internet of Things

Simply stated, this idea revolves around connecting all smart devices large and small on the internet. As an example, road sensors could be routed directly to the internet to help control traffic. Implanted medical devices can communicate anywhere in the world. Wearable devices that connect to networks are IOT devices. Students will learn the theory and complete an IOT project.
Internet Of Things BDPA

Develop and Present PowerPoint slides demonstrating camp projects

Parents, BDPA Members and Supporters are invited view presentations where students showcase skills gained during the Computer Camp.